BioMindmap Engine — as Dedicated Server, B2B, SaaS, Integration

BioMindmap Engine

Collaborative Knowledge Manager

BioMindmap Engine — is a Knowledge Management Software. It stores relations between two elements, embeds with meta-data, and draws mindmaps. It allows users to weigh data with Votes dependant on their Reputation.

Engine Highlights

  • Clean UI
  • Conveniences & Usability in mind
  • Mindmap & Graph Pathfinding Algorithms
  • Autocompletes
  • Presentation-ready — providing you slides.
  • Readability & Text Auto-Highlighting
  • Collaboration Functionality
  • Crowd-based Data Weighting
  • Crowd-validation

  • We can consult you how can you adapt the software to your needs.

B2B Integration Options

  • Dedicated Server — BioMindmap Engine software on a separate server. Either we setup everything for you, deploy all necessary software with fresh Database (a «turn-key approach»), or provide you encoded software, so you may deploy it on your environment. This is basically a private «» for your needs. (We also provide the support.)
  • Custom Functionality — we extend software for your specific needs.
  • SaaS (not yet implemented) — we provide some processing functionality over API.
  • Database API (not yet implemented) — we provide datasets on per request basis.
  • Adverts Integration — available if your product copes with our scientific standards and improves users' experience.
  • Integration into — we may integrate your service as a Search Button, that we have on every Node page:

Example Screenshot Gallery

Software can be used and adjusted to any type of data

Text Auto-highlighting
No markup necessary. The text on the screenshot was plain text.

Multi-node pathway finding
Goes from «IGF-1» hormone to «Akt» molecule and then to «aging» process.

Autocompletes and Aliases

Instant integration into Database
Have you just added a data element — global mindmap is already updated.

Hierarchical View
Screenshot shows a top-down stream promoting a single object below.
Inhibitors of inhibitors are promoters too!
Contact us to discuss integration options.

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